For All Missing & Stray Cats Phone Carole 07946 678264 or 023 92583637 between 9 am - 9 pm

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If you have a stray cat and would like us to help find its owner please contact Carole.   
We scan all cats to check for a microchip.

At Gosport Cats Protection we operate a lost and found register and help reunite cats with their owners.  We will need full details along with a photograph.

Cats involved in road traffic accidents: if the finder could take to a local vet that would be appreciated. (see below)

If your cat is missing we are always happy to help just give us a call.

Other things to do: Contact
* Local vets to see if anyone has taken your cat into them (Alvervets, Vets4Pets, Companion Care & Animed

* Streetscene 023 92545406 in the unfortunate event  your cat has been in a road traffic accident
* Stubbington Ark (RSPCA) 01329 667541

And don't forget to 
* Ask neighbours to check their sheds and garages
* Put up posters around the area

Never give up hope of finding your missing cat.

If you have a stray that is sick or cat you know is being ill-treated then contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.  

Thank you for your kind donation
Liz Dean & Cleo   (03.01.16)
Sharon Hart & Robin   (06.01.16)
Monique Owen & Custard (27.01.16)
Jennifer Richardson (24.02.16)
Susie & Mike Cater, Bumble & Haggis (03.04.16)
Mrs Moore & Cleo (02.04.16)
Kim Brown for finding owner of 2 stray cats (25.04.16)
Marian Barnard, Bobby & Barney (20.05.16)
Mark, Lin & Walter (04.07.16)