For All Missing & Stray Cats

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If you have a stray cat and would like us to help find its owner please contact Carole.   She can scan all cats to check for a microchip.  
At Gosport Cats Protection we operate a lost and found register and help reunite cats with their owners.  

Cats involved in road traffic accidents: if the finder could take to a local vet that would be appreciated.  They will check thoroughly for a microchip and contact the owner.

If your cat is missing we are always happy to help, a few things for you to do first:-
Phone your local vets to see if anyone has taken your cat into them (Alvervets, Vets4Pets, Companion Care & Animed).

Phone Streetscene 08000 198 598 in the unfortunate event  your cat was involved in a road traffic accident.
Also Phone Stubbington Ark (RSPCA) 01329 667541.

Even if your cat is microchipped please do all of the above. 
If your cat is microchipped let the chip company know your cat is missing.  At the same time check they have your up to date address and phone numbers.

Then give me a call to register your cat missing:
Phone 07946 678264 anytime between 9.00 am - 10.00 am & 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm
You will also need to email me a picture of the missing or found cat to the following email :  

And don't forget to ask neighbours to check their sheds and garages & put up posters around the area.  Never give up hope of finding your missing cat.

If you have a stray that is sick or cat you know is being ill-treated then contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.  

Thank you for your kind donation
Liz Dean & Cleo   (03.01.16)
Sharon Hart & Robin   (06.01.16)
Monique Owen & Custard (27.01.16)
Jennifer Richardson (24.02.16)
Susie & Mike Cater, Bumble & Haggis (03.04.16)
Mrs Moore & Cleo (02.04.16)
Kim Brown for finding owner of 2 stray cats (25.04.16)
Marian Barnard, Bobby & Barney (20.05.16)
Mark, Lin & Walter (04.07.16)
Mr & Mrs MuscleWhite (26.07.16)
Theresa & Ruddi for the food donation (03.09.16)